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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 40 (1998) 4


Bernard Sabbe

, 197 - 198

New research

H. Kroon, J.R. Theunissen, J. van Busschbach, E.M.I.E. Raven, D. Wiersma

Epidemiological research on long-term use of mental health care in the Netherlands: A comparison of several regional studies, 199 - 211

Review article

B. van Houdenhove, E. Neerinckx

Does an overactive lifestyle increase the susceptibility to chronic fatigue syndrome?, 212 - 220

Review article

C. Sonneborn, G. Pieters

Social psychiatry's approach to suicide, 221 - 230

Short report

P.P.G. Hodiamont, M.W. Berting, W.J.M. van Hezewijk

'Models of madness' in a dynamic psychiatry, 231 - 237

Short report

C. ten Brink, L. de Haan, H. Knegtering

Subjective experiences of patients with schizophrenia related to treatment with antipsychotics, 238 - 245