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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 41 (1999) 6


Guido Pieters, Roos van der Mast

Strijdigheid van belangen, 337 - 339

New research

M.A.G. van Hest, A.J.J.M. Vingerhoets, G.C. Zwartjes, J.S. de Smet

Posttraumatic stress-disorder: The relationship with alexithymia and coping, 341 - 348

Review article

J.J.S. Kooij, J.K. Buitelaar, W. van Tilburg

Proposal for diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (adhd) in adults, 349 - 358

Review article

E.J. Mookhoek, J. Huijgen

Drug therapy for dyspepsia on the long-stay wards of a general psychiatric hospital, 359 - 366

Short report

H.A. Droogleever Fortuyn, F.G. Zitman

The peripheral benzodiazepine receptors , 367 - 371

Short report

S.J.T. Jansen, I.J. Duijsens

Diagnosing personality disorders: A study of the agreement between questionnaires and the clinical Axis-II diagnosis, 373 - 378

Short report

P. Vlaminck

Comment on the 'Guidelines for the use of antipsychotics in schizophrenic psychosis', 379 - 383

Letter to the editor

E.A.M. Knoppert-van der Klein, H.A.P.C. Oomen, E.M. van Gent

reactie op 'Kraambedpsychose ondanks lithiumgebruik bij vrouwen met een bipolaire stoornis', 385 - 386