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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 63 (2021) 10


G. Meynen, M. Destoop, J.J.M. van Delden, A. Vellinga, H.L. Van, J. Vandenberghe, K.R. Goethals

Ethiek en psychiatrie, 697 - 698

Review article

F.E. Scheepers, M. Mostert, M.M. Milota, G.J.M. van Thiel

Ethics of (big) data applications in psychiatric practice, 699 - 702


J. Specker, M.H.N. Schermer

Early detection of risk for antisocial behaviour: towards moral bio enhancement?, 703 - 706


E. Karssing

The moral courage of psychiatrists, 707 - 710


S.M.P. van Veen, G.A.M. Widdershoven

Waiting for death: an analysis of the waiting list of the expertise centre for euthanasia, 711 - 716


A. Vellinga, I.M. Hein, C. Blankman, A.J.K. Hondius, S.P.K. Welie

The role of patient competence in the new Dutch statute concerning involuntary treatment in psychiatry, 717 - 722


S. Kremer, K. Goethals

Values under fire; ethics in forensic psychiatry, 723 - 726


J. van Os, J.J.M. van Delden, W. Boevink

The patient voice in psychiatry: not heard, co-creation, co-optation or parallel organisation?, 727 - 730


M.B. de Koning, T.J. Burger, R. van Eck, M.J. Kikkert, L. de Haan, A. Vellinga

The underrepresentation of complex patient groups in scientific research: ethical considerations, 731 - 736


Y. Denier

‘Is this the best I can do?’ Ethical reflections on good care in a context of scarcity and limitations, 737 - 740


A.F.G. Leentjens, K. Schruers, P.C.M. Ackermans, D. Horstkötter

Ethical issues for the further development of psychiatric deep brain stimulation, 741 - 744


Y. Voskes, G.A.M. Widdershoven, A.L. van Melle

Coercion and urge from a care ethics perspective, 745 - 749


A.C. Molewijk

Moral case deliberation: dialogical inquiry as a vehicle for continuous learning and good care, 750 - 754


A. Liégeois, E. Berghmans, M. Destoop

Ethics of assertive outreach: a case study, 755 - 759