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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 11, 814 - 818


The role of the context in dealing with aggression of psychiatric patients with mild intellectual disabilities

M. Knotter, A. Willems, X. Moonen

background Mild intellectual disabilities (mid) are underdiagnosed in psychiatric institutions. Aggression is a problem in patients with mid admitted in psychiatric institutions.
aim To clarify the background of aggression problems and to give advice on how to prevent them.
method Discussion of the literature and practical experience.
results Agression problems are not only a correlate of the mid but are interrelated with the interpersonal style and personal characteristics of the staff involved in the treatment process, the living group climate, the working climate and the characteristics of the organization.
conclusion By taking in account all these features the treatment of aggression and diminishing of aggressive incidents of patients with mid admitted in psychiatric institutions can be dealt with in a more effective way.

keywords aggression, context, mild intellectual disabilities