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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 5, 343 - 351


Potential of participatory action research for clients, professionals and researchers in mental healthcare

H. Van den Steene, D. Van West, I. Glazemakers

background In participatory action research (par), researchers, practitioners and the community engage in a research process together. This research approach has the potential to assist in bridging the research-practice gap by starting from practice needs and using joint expertise and experiences to enrich scientific knowledge, optimise clinical practice and empower stakeholders from different backgrounds.
aim To discuss the potential benefits of par for clients, professionals and researchers in the field of mental healthcare.
method Starting from the literature on par, fundamental characteristics and benefits of this research approach in the field of mental healthcare are described and illustrated with an example from practice.
results par in mental healthcare can contribute to enriching prepositional and practical knowledge, facilitate positive social change in care delivery, empower all stakeholders, and ultimately make a significant contribution to the integration of research and practice.
conclusion par is valuable for clients, professionals and researchers in a variety of projects in mental healthcare.

keywords cross-sector collaboration, mental healthcare, participatory action research