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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 3


B. Bus, K. Goethals, S. Smith-apeldoorn, E. Van Assche, I. Tendolkar

Education and training in psychiatry in 2019, 146 - 147


R.J. Duvivier, C.C.J. van Geel, P. Mulders, E.C.A.M. Ackermans

A different look at the quality of psychiatry education: trainee perspective, 148 - 152


O. Cools, K. Hebbrecht

Training in psychiatry in Belgium through the eyes of the trainee, 153 - 158


M.G. Nijs, B. Sabbe

Should the psychiatrist of the future become a multi-specialist or a super-specialist?, 159 - 163

Review article

N. Draijer

Know thyself; personal psychotherapy for the psychiatrist in training, 164 - 169

Review article

R.J. Duvivier, E. Driessen

Trends and developments in medical education research, 170 - 174

Review article

L. De Picker, A. Nobels

Heterogeneity in psychiatry training in Europe: competition or collaboration?, 175 - 181


C.R.M.G. Fluit, T.P.F.M. Klaassen, L. Sander, M. de Visser-Oomen, M.M. van den Hurk

Improving the quality of supervision of residents: an evaluation of supervisors using feedback by residents, 182 - 187


A. Speckens, H. Verweij, H. van Ravesteijn, T. Lagro-janssen

Mindfulness for medical, surgical and psychiatric residents, 188 - 193


N. Rühl, B.M. van Hulst, B. de Leede, A. Oosterling

Entrustable professional activities for a curricular framework for psychiatry in the Netherlands, 194 - 199


K. Goethals, S. Roza

Development of a forensic psychiatric curriculum in Belgium and the Netherlands, 200 - 204


E. Van Assche

The future of psychiatrists: subquota and quota-raising in Belgium, 205 - 207


O.S. Butterman

Workforce planning for the influx in psychiatry specialist training, 208 - 211


U.M.H. Klumpers

Renewing the curriculum for psychiatry, 212 - 216


M.G. Nijs, J.M. Bueno de Mesquita

The future of psychiatry and the psychiatrist of the future, 217 - 223