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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 12, 817 - 826


Residents in supported housing and factors related to moving towards independent living

M. Lodder, A.J.P. Schrijvers, F. Termorshuizen, J.R.J. de Leeuw, W. Cahn

background Few data are available on predictors for the transition of individuals with mental illness to more independent forms of housing.
aim To analyse which variables predict the transition of individuals with severe mental illness from supported housing within the Dutch community housing programs (chp) to more independent ways of living.
method Data of 1569 participants were analysed using Cox regression analysis.
results Individuals with a personality disorder, current alcohol misuse or who received ambulant care prior to admission in chp had the highest probability of moving to a more independent way of living. Individuals who received clinical care prior to admission in chp, individuals with admission in Supported Housing, and individuals with a history of substance dependency had the highest probability of clinical relapse.
conclusion The predictors found in this study can be used as a starting point both for hypotheses for additional aetiological research and for guidelines covering specific interventions.

keywords community housing program, people with severe mental illness, positive transition, recovery