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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 10, 682 - 687


Contact between neighbourhood residents and residents of a residential care facility

R.A. Gotink, T. Verrijp, A. Gosker-Venis, J. van Weeghel, A.R. van Gool

background Residential care facilities are available to patients unable to live independently, in order to improve their self-reliance and participation. To succeed, integration in the neighbourhood is essential.
aim To assess the contact between neighbours and residents of a residential care facility.
method 364 surveys were distributed in two neighbourhoods with a Yulius residential facility, including questions on frequency and type of contacts, acceptance of psychiatric facilities and of psychiatric patients.
results The response rate was 24% (n = 86). Contact with the facility residents was minimal. The experience of nuisance by neighbours was negatively correlated to the acceptance of psychiatric facilities.
conclusion This limited contact does not point to a successful integration. A more active role of mental health institutions is desired.

keywords neighbourhood survey, residential care