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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 8, 521 - 526


The implementation of the multidisciplinary guidelines for treatment of schizophrenia in teams for flexible assertive community treatment: a retrospective study of patient files

M. Molag, T. Beckers, H.J.E. van de Mortel

background A multidisciplinary guideline is available for the care for patients suffering from schizophrenia. In 2009 (most recent statistics) 50-75% of the patients were treated according to this guideline.
aim To quantify the difference between the desired treatment according to the multidisciplinary guideline and the daily practice in teams for flexible assertive community (fact) treatment before and after the introduction of the new guideline in 2012.
method Cross-sectional study of cases that retrospectively quantifies the applicator interventions in 60 patients with schizophrenia.
results Most of the recommended interventions are available. There is an increase in use of the recommended treatments since the introduction of the new guideline in 2012. The use of psychosocial interventions is lagging.
conclusion Despite the increase shown in psychosocial treatment since 2012, it remains inadequate. Further research into the causes of the inadequate use of the available interventions is recommended.

keywords case study, multidisciplinary guideline, schizophrenia