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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 2


E. Vrieze

Ketamine: breakthrough as ‘anti-antidepressivum’?, 74 - 76


H. van Ravesteijn

Mindfulness-based cognitieve therapie voor patiënten met somatoforme stoornissen, 77 - 77

New research

L. Huls, L. Nentjes, T. Rinne, B. Verschuere

How reliable are the predictors of sexual recidivism? Moral considerations can colour the judgement of pro Justitia reporters, 78 - 86

Review article

A.T. Spijker, J. van Zaane, M.A. Koenders, R. Hoekstra, R.W. Kupka

Bipolar disorder and alcohol use disorder: practical recommendations for treatment, based on a literature review, 87 - 95


J. van Os, PH. Delespaul

A valid quality system for mental health care: from accountability and control in institutionalised settings to co-creation in small areas and a focus on community vital signs, 96 - 104


B.C.M. Haarman, H. Burger, H.A. Drexhage, W.A. Nolen, R.F. Riemersma-Van der Lek

The dysregulated brain - Consequences of spatial and temporal brain complexity for bipolar disorder pathophysiology and diagnosis, 105 - 113

Short report

A. Neven, A. van Wamel, W. van den Brink

Staging and profiling of patients with dual disorders, 114 - 119

Case report

H. Geerts, P. Emmery, K. Spaas, C. Klockaerts, M. Danckaerts

Hashimoto encephalopathy as explanation of psychotic symptoms in an adolescent, 120 - 123

Dutch-Flemish research

E. Van Assche

Polygene gen-omgevingsinteracties testen bij depressieve symptomen in de adolescentie, 124 - 125

Psychiatrie van de Toekomst

S.M.P. van Veen

Kunnen we suïcidaliteit herkennen met fMRI?, 126 - 126

Letter to the editor

A.J.K. Hondius

Reaction on ‘Mental health as a front-line service for bewildered persons’, 134 - 135

Letter to the editor

T.G. Broekman, G.M. Schippers

Reaction on ‘The care cluster model as basis for the further development of the Dutch mental health payment system’, 136 - 137