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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 59 (2017) 5, 302 - 305

Case report

The Othello syndrome in Parkinson’s disease: an example of a lesser-known delusion

E.C. Potters, J.T.H. van Asseldonk, J.J.D. Tilanus

Delusions are fairly common features of Parkinson’s disease. Some delusions are easily recognised, but others are less well-known and can be missed by health professionals. We describe the case of a female patient with Parkinson’s disease who believed, erroneously, that her partner was being unfaithful; this type of delusion is also called the Othello syndrome. After psychoeducation and the start of clozapine, the delusion faded and the relationship became more peaceful.

keywords delusion, Othello syndrome, Parkinson’s disease