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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 58 (2016) 9, 659 - 662

Case report

‘Giving inappropriate and/or misleading answers’; is the era of the Ganser syndrome finally over?

M. Debeyne, A. Haekens, H. Peuskens

The Ganser syndrome was long regarded as an entity that had as its core symptom ‘giving inappropriate and/or misleading answers’ to questions. In the literature we found confusion regarding the diagnostic and etiological criteria. We describe the case of an 53-year-old male patient who displayed a number of remarkable symptoms during a delirious episode which ended when the symptoms faded. By reviewing the recent literature, we outline the evolution in the use of the symptom and syndrome diagnosis.

keywords delirium, depression, Ganser syndrome, ‘giving inappropriate and/or misleading answers’