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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 57 (2015) 12


C.G. Reichart, S. Roza, T.A.M.J. van Amelsvoort, D. Van West

Child and adolescent psychiatry: inspiring and dynamic, 864 - 865

Short report

F. Boer

A hundred years of child psychiatry and changes in the governance of the youth mental health services in the Netherlands– back to the future, 866 - 870

Short report

A. Popma

Examining the developing brain in Dutch child and adolescent psychiatry, 871 - 875

Short report

C.M. Middeldorp

Genetics and psychiatric disorders: heritability and the search for genes, 876 - 880

Short report

R. Vermeiren, O.F. Colins, A. Popma, E. Mulder

Forensic child, adolescent and transitional psychiatry, 881 - 885

Short report

N.H. Grootendorst-van Mil, F.C. Verhulst, H. Tiemeier

The association of gestational duration and birth weight with child IQ: The Generation R Study, 886 - 891

Short report

D.M.W.R. van Houtem-Solberg, E.W.C.H. Chatrou, M.Q. Werrij, T.A.M.J. van Amelsvoort

Youth F-ACT: mapping the problems of a special population, 892 - 896

Short report

W. De La Marche, I. Noens, J. Steyaert

Dimensional measures in autism spectrum disorders: do we know what we measure?, 897 - 901

Short report

T.J.C. Openneer, M. Abdulkadir, N.J. Forde, A. Dietrich*, P.J. Hoekstra*

New impulses for tic research through international collaboration, 902 - 906

Short report

A. Vogels

Intellectual developmental disorder and child psychiatry, 907 - 911

Short report

E. Verlinden, R.J.L. Lindauer

Trauma in children and adolescents: screening, diagnoses and treatment, 912 - 916

Short report

D. van Rooij, J.K. Buitelaar

Neural activation and connectivity during response inhibition in adolescents with ADHD, 917 - 922

Short report

A.A. van Elburg, U.N. Danner

Anorexia nervosa and adolescents, 923 - 927

Short report

J.A. Vorstman, E.J. Breetvelt, M.H. Hillegers, F.E. Scheepers

Psychosis: recognising the symptoms and disorders in children and adolescents, 928 - 932

Short report

D. Van West, L. van Grootel

Reform of the Belgian mental health care system for children and adolescents, 933 - 936