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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 42 (2000) 11, 803 - 810


aids and psychiatry

L. Timmerman

background hiv-infection and aids are frequently accompanied by diverse psychiatric disorders. Especially there is a considerable increase of the risk for developing a psychosis, mania and an impairment of the cognitive functioning. A considerable percentage of patients suffering from aids presents itself with a (neuro)psychiatric disorder.
aims To give an actual review of the relationship between hiv infection and aids with psychiatric illness.
method A Medline search (publications after 1990), aids Program, 1999 apa Annual Meeting and personal communication.
results The review includes the increased risk for hiv infection among psychiatric patients, different psychiatric disorders among patients with hiv infection and psychiatric treatment possibilities in this patient group.
conclusions As hiv infection has become a chronic treatable disease instead of a fatal one and because the diagnosis of hiv infection has consequences for treatment and interactions, we plead for a hiv-test policy based on indications for subgroups of psychiatric patients.

keywords aids, hiv, psychiatry