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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 55 (2013) 10


G. Meynen

Should psychiatrists render an opinion on insanity?, 729 - 731

New research

W.M.A. Verhoeven, J.I.M. Egger, E.A.M. Wingbermühle, M.K.F. Schneider

Neuropsychiatry as practised in a highly specialised department of a psychiatric teaching hospital: a successful interdisciplinary approach, 733 - 742


F.R.J. Verhey

What is neuropsychiatry?, 743 - 745

New research

V.M. Hendriks, E. van der Schee, P. Blanken

Multidimensional family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in adolescents with a cannabis use disorder: a randomised controlled study, 747 - 759

Review article

I. Geeraerts, P. Sienaert

Predictive methods versus clinical titration for the initiation of lithium therapy. A systematic review, 761 - 771

Review article

M. Arns

The role of sleep in ADHD: Possibilities for prevention of ADHD?, 773 - 782

Short report

T.F. van Wel, D. Kleijzen, T. Franse, T. Rusting

Results of the ABC ‘ buddy project’ whereby students were paid to befriend worryingly inactive youngsters with a psychotic disorder, 783 - 788

Short report

P.C. Groot

Taperingstrips for paroxetine and venlafaxine , 789 - 794

Case report

L.M. Tak, A.W.M.M. Stevens

Development of (hypo)mania during discontinuation of venlafaxine in two patients with bipolar disorder, 795 - 800

Dutch-Flemish research

V. Gobin

Fluoxetine onderdrukt graft-versus-hostziekte bij muizen door T-celimmunosuppressie, 801 - 801

Dutch-Flemish research

M.L. Molendijk

BDNF-serumspiegels als perifere manifestatie van ‘depressie’?, 802 - 803

Dutch-Flemish research

E.R. de Kloet

Weerbaar of kwetsbaar: een kwestie van aanpassing aan de uitkomst van gen-omgevingsinteractie, 804 - 804

Dutch-Flemish research

D. Oosterbaan

Sneller beter door collaborative stepped care, 805 - 806


H. Debruyne, G. Pieters

Empirisch onderzoek ondersteunt suïcidepreventie, 807 - 808


J. Rivière, F. Van Den Eede

Gebruik van SSRI’s tijdens de zwangerschap en het risico op doodgeboorte en neonatale sterfte, 808 - 809

Letter to the editor

A. Ruissen, J.A. Godschalx-Dekker

Reaction on ‘An adolescent with autism and a somatic high-risk profile receiving treatment with antipsychotics refuses blood tests’, 811 - 813