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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 55 (2013) 9, 707 - 714

Short report

Dutch guideline on Schizophrenia 2012: Basic care within the areas of psychosocial interventions and nursing care

S. Castelein, H. Knegtering, B. van Meijel, M. van der Gaag

background An updated version of the Dutch multidisciplinary guideline on schizophrenia was published in 2012.
aim We aim to provide an overview of the psychosocial interventions and nursing care which, according to the guideline, should be included in basic care programmes for patients with schizophrenia. We consider which interventions are effective and which are optional. In addition, we argue for continuous updating of the guideline so that it reflects current developments.
method We conducted a systematic review on the basis of specific predefined search terms. We included articles published up to February 2010. We used the method for evidence-based guideline development in order to formulate treatment recommendations.
conclusion Cognitive behavioural therapy and family interventions are scientifically proven interventions that should be included in the care programmes. Although there is no clear evidence that psycho-education is effective, it is nevertheless recommended. Optional interventions are peer support groups and, in the case of negative symptoms, psychomotor therapy. Although scientific evidence concerning nursing care is limited, we do make some recommendations. We are strongly in favour of a ‘living guideline’ that is constantly developed and updated.