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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 55 (2013) 9


C. Baeken

No new psychotropic drugs in the pipeline: psychiatry in crisis?, 653 - 654

New research

H.M. Visser, J.W. Renes, D. Koninkx, R.W. Kupka

Forcing patients with bipolar disorder to make a financial contribution to secondary psychiatric care may make them forsake care completely, 655 - 663

New research

C.M. van Heugten, E.P.J. Janssen, A.J.M. Visscher, G. Wolters Gregório, S. Smeets, R.M.W.J. Berkers, R.W.M. Ponds

Patients with brain injury in a psychiatric setting; assessment of health care needs and received care , 665 - 675

Review article

L. Amrani, L. De Backer, G. Dom

Adolescent binge drinking: neurocognitive consequences and gender differences , 677 - 689


A.F.A. Schellekens

Early alcohol initiation and increased alcohol consumption during adult life: the importance of alcohol campaigns targeting the youth , 691 - 693

Review article

R. Vis, J.J.M. Hassink, C.H. Vinkers

Tricyclic antidepressant plasma levels in depression: a practical guide , 695 - 705

Short report

S. Castelein, H. Knegtering, B. van Meijel, M. van der Gaag

Dutch guideline on Schizophrenia 2012: Basic care within the areas of psychosocial interventions and nursing care, 707 - 714

Case report

F. Matthys, P. Joostens, S. Tremmery, S. Stes, B. Sabbe

ADHD and addiction; application of the Belgian guideline with particular reference to comorbid affective disorders , 715 - 719

Dutch-Flemish research

J. de Wild-Hartmann

Onderzoek naar de dagelijkse samenhang tussen subjectieve slaap en affect, 721 - 721

Dutch-Flemish research

M. van den Heuvel

Verminderde communicatie tussen hersenkruispunten bij schizofrenie, 722 - 723


N. Spermon, P.F.J. Schulte

De medicamenteuze behandeling van de paniekstoornis op de lange termijn: hoe slecht is het gebruik van een benzodiazepine?, 724 - 725