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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 55 (2013) 7


G. Dom

Psychiatry and the media; some reflections on the DSM-5 introduction, 467 - 469


A.I. Wierdsma, J. van Os

Effects on scale and confidence intervals as alternatives to p < 0.05 , 471 - 480


R.P. Bruffaerts

Reporting statistical measures in the Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie: is there a need for adopting statistical guidelines?, 481 - 482


J.D. Blom

Suicide: A medico-historical exploration, 483 - 492

Dutch-Flemish research

D. Cohen

Wat bewijst agranulocytose na 19 jaar clozapine-monotherapie?, 493 - 494

Dutch-Flemish research

R. Leontjevas

Doen bij depressie, 495 - 496

Dutch-Flemish research

J. Kroon, D. Denys

Incidentie en risicofactoren van de bipolaire stoornis in de algemene bevolking, 497 - 497

Letter to the editor

K. Goethals

Reaction on ‘The use of psychodiagnostic tests in forensic psychiatric reports within the framework of internment. An exploratory study of records on internees in the judicial district of Ghent’, 575 - 578