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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 53 (2011) 10, 751 - 756

Short report

Health 2.0 for psychiatrists

R. Hoekstra

background The internet used to be mainly ‘one-way traffic’ (1.0). Nowadays it is becoming easy for internet users to communicate with each other via the web (2.0).
aim To describe the concept of Health 2.0 and to explore the possibilities of 2.0-technology for psychiatry.
method Information was sourced from the literature and the internet.
results Health 2.0 makes it possible for patients and health professionals to exchange information on such a large scale that new knowledge is generated. This will alter the relationship between doctor and patient. Increasingly, the patient is able to take the initiative. The interactive and open character of the internet leads to new discussions and can eventually improve psychiatric care.
conclusion Health 2.0 is an important development for psychiatrists.



keywords internet, self-management, technology