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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 53 (2011) 8


F. Van Den Eede

Childhood trauma and health care: To know is to recognize and to acknowledge, 505 - 507

New research

J. Peen, J. Theunissen, P. Duurkoop, M. Kikkert, J. Dekker

The aftermath of the reduction in inpatient care and treatment; a retrospective study that considers the extent to which a group of chronic psychiatric patients made use of the Amsterdam mental health services , 509 - 517

New research

O.M. den Held, I.R.H.J. Hegge, D.J.F. van Schaik, A.J.L.M. van Balkom

Medical students and their attitude to psychiatry, 519 - 530

Review article

D. Vancampfort, M. Probst, J. Knapen, H. Demunter, J. Peuskens, M. De Hert

Body-directed techniques on psychomotor therapy for people with schizophrenia: a review of the literature, 531 - 541


A.P. de Boer, T.I. Oei

Assisted suicide in psychiatry; current situation and notes on a recent case, 543 - 550


J. Vandenberghe

The ‘good death’ in the Flemish psychiatry, 551 - 553

Case report

A.J.E. Visscher, D. Cohen

Peri-orbital oedema and therapy-resistant hypertension: unusual side-effects of clozapine, 555 - 559

Case report

J.B. Koster, B.A.G. Kühbauch

Vitamin D deficiency and psychiatric patients, 561 - 565


J.H. Lamberts, H.J.G.M. van Megen

Structurele hersenafwijkingen door pesten, 567 - 569


N. Haex, F.R.J. Verhey

Ontwikkeling en validatie van een korte cognitieve test: de Sweet 16, 567 - 569

Letter to the editor

M.W. Hengeveld

Reaction on ‘“Histrionic personality disorder with regression and conversion”: a meningioma’, 571 - 572