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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 53 (2011) 1


P.N. van Harten

Recognition of movement disorders. So what?, 3 - 5


P.N. van Harten

The Journal Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie in 2010, 7 - 8

New research

D.J. Vinkers

Borderline intellectual functioning in Antillean suspected offenders, 9 - 14

Review article

J.D. Blom, I.E.C. Sommer

Auditory hallucinations. Nomenclature and classification , 15 - 25

Review article

S.A.A. Vriend-Bosma, H.J.G.M. van Megen

The course of borderline personality disorder within adults. A literature review, 27 - 36

Review article

L. Seurs, A. Mierzejewska, S.J. Claes

Corticosteroid-induced paranoid psychosis: case report and review of the literature , 37 - 47

Short report

D. Rhebergen, A. Rouwenhorst, H.C. Comijs, A. Dols, A.T.F. Beekman, C.B. Terwee, D. Arts, M.L. Stek

The inter-rater reliability of the Dutch version of the core. A validation study conducted among depressed elderly in-patients, 49 - 55

Short report

L. Van Compernolle

The treatment of depression in adolescents, a multi-layered challenge, 57 - 62


P.L. Verhoeff-Smoor, G.F.M.G. Berden

Omega-3-vetzuren ter preventie van psychotische stoornissen, 63 - 64

Letter to the editor

A.M. Wessels

Reaction on ‘Fitness to drive in psychiatric patients; a review of the literature and consequences for daily practice’, 65 - 66