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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 52 (2010) 4


W. Cahn

Homeless youth and catlike contacts, 201 - 203

New research

M. ten Have, R. de Graaf, J. Ormel, G. Vilagut, V. Kovess, J. Alonso

Attitudes to the seeking of psychiatric help from mental health care professionals and actually seeking help: differences in Europe , 205 - 217


J.T. de Jong

Maybe Europeans are not so crazy, 219 - 221

New research

H. Kamphuis, J. Arends, L. Timmerman, J. van Marle, J. Kappert

Myocarditis and cardiomyopathy: underestimated complications resulting from clozapine therapy, 223 - 233

Review article

M.A.M. Boerma, J.C. van der Stel, TH. van Amelsvoort, D.H. Linszen, L. de Haan

Women, schizophrenia and oestrogen; neurobiological hypotheses and hormonetherapy studies, 235 - 244


E.H. Nieweg

Does ADHD medication stop working after 2-3 years? On the surprising, but littleknown follow-up of the mta study, 245 - 254


J.K. Buitelaar

Follow-up of the MTA-study in children with ADHD: what do the data tell us, and what not?, 255 - 257

Case report

W.M. Hol, R. van der Zwaard, A. Hovestadt, H.J.G.M. van Megen

Dopamine dysregulation syndrome in a patient with Parkinson's disease, 259 - 263

Case report

W. Mengde, A.Y. Jessurun

Sydenham chorea and psychosis, 265 - 269


L.A. Boersma, R.A. Schoevers

Werkzaamheid en acceptatie van 12 nieuwere antidepressiva: sertraline als eerste keus?, 272 - 273


H.L. Van

, 275 - 276

Letter to the editor

J.G. Goekoop, R.F.P. de Winter

Reaction on 'Personality traits of patients who have recovered completely from depression', 275 - 276

Letter to the editor

B. Reitsma, M. Breteler

Reaction on 'Neurofeedback and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: what is it and is it working?', 277 - 279