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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 52 (2010) 3


I.P.M. Keet

ROM: monitoring and accountability, 129 - 131

New research

R.P. Bruffaerts, A. Bonnewyn, K. Demyttenaere

Associations between early-onset mental disorders and educational attainment in Belgium; a population study , 133 - 142

New research

A.I. Wierdsma, P.D. van Marle, C.L. Mulder

Numbers and patterns in compulsory admissions in 3 Dutch cities; problems in urban areas and regional differences in the implementation of the law on special admissions to psychiatric hospitals, 143 - 153

Review article

J.D. Blom

Positive visual perceptual disorders. Nomenclature and classification , 155 - 167


C.L. Mulder, M. van der Gaag, R. Bruggeman , W. Cahn, P.A.E. Delespaul, P. Dries, G. Faber, L. de Haan, F.M.M.A. van der Heijden, R.W. Kempen, E.S.G. Mogendorff, C.J. Slooff, S. Sytema, D. Wiersma, L. Wunderink, J. van Os

Routine Outcome Monitoring for patients with severe mental illness: a consensus document , 169 - 179

Short report

P.F.J. Schulte, J.P.A.M. Bogers, A. Steenhoek

First generation versus second generation antipsychotics: little benefit in the real world , 181 - 190

Case report

M. van den Berg, G.J. Hendriks, A. van Minnen

Imaginal exposure treatment for a post-traumatic stress disorder in a patient with a comorbid psychotic disorder, 191 - 195


S. Lefèvre, G. Pieters

Schizofrenie en gewelddadige delicten, 197 - 197


S.M. Hendriks, J. Spijker

Het beloop van depressie op lange termijn, 198 - 198