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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 42 (2000) 3, 183 - 187

Short report

Violence towards staff working with patients in sheltered accomodation

G. Pieters, A. Janssens

This article describes a questionnaire based retrospective study in all provisions for sheltered accomodation in Flemish Brabant. It assesses how community mental health staff experiences violence, what their attitudes towards violence are and whether clinical procedures relating to violence are implemented. The incidence of verbal violence was highest, but the impact of physical violence was stronger. The respondents estimated the risk of violence to be low and inherent to the job. A majority felt under threat and this had an impact on job satisfaction. Even though staff members were well aware of the risk for violent incidents, clinical procedures for coping with violence were not applied. Respondents were interested in a training aiming at increasing their capacity to cope with violence.

keywords community care, psychiatric patients, sheltered accomodation, violence