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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 27 (1985) 8, 536 - 551

Short report

Parentgroups in a residential treatment-program for psychotic patients

J.A. Hauer, C. Janzing, F.A. van Zantvoort

The authors describe a bi-focal treatment-program for psychotic patients and their parents. A work-hypothesis about the origin of psychoses is developed from theories of L. Ciompi. This hypothesis forms the point of departure of a specific milieu for the treatment of psychoses. This therapeutic milieu is located in 'De Zoom', a community within the psychiatric hospital 'Vrederust' in Halsteren (Netherlands). It consists of three units each with a specific treatment model: a supportive, reconstructive and social therapeutic model. Parallel to the clinical treatment of patients, parents participate in a parent-group. The aims of this group are among other things, mutual support and a change of attitude towards their children. The latter aim can give the patient room to become more independent and selfsupporting. Clinical examples illustrate how the parent-group functions and how the bi-focal treatment is organised.