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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 9, 639 - 644

Short report

Women with schizophrenia: research findings and implications for treatment

E. Peters, L. de Haan

Women with schizophrenia differ from men with regard to prodromes, psychopathology, course and response to therapy. Women with schizophrenia very often experience traumatic events, and pregnancy and motherhood often have important negative consequences. Estrogen influences symptomatology and the effects of antipsychotic medication. The gender-specific manifestation of schizophrenia in women has practical implications as there are: treatment of premenopausal women with low dosed antipsychotics and postmenopausal women with higher doses; psychosocial support and somatic evaluation. It is important to pay special attention to care with regard to pregnancy and motherhood.

keywords review, schizophrenia, therapy, women