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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 9, 621 - 629

Review article

Effectiveness of psychosocial rehabilitation

J. Dröes

background During the last decades an increasing number of studies has been performed on the subject of community (re)integration of persons with severe and longterm psychiatric disabilities. These efforts are generally described as 'rehabilitation'. Rehabilitation is a practical, yet still ill-defined concept.
aims To provide an overview of types of rehabilitation outcome-research. Reflection on strenghts and weaknesses of current scientific literature.
method Review of literature. The review articles are obtained using PsycLit and Medline (1997-2000); the other articles mainly by way of crossreferences.
results Outcome-research studies have been found on the subjects of improving service systems from a humanitarian perspective, on the effectiveness of certain programs and on the effectiveness of social skills training. Other individual-oriented interventions, like resource development and linking to resources, have been scarcely researched. Recovery, empowerment and peer support have not (yet) found their ways into scientific outcome-research. Some exceptions to this statement, heralding new developments, can be noted.
conclusion In rehabilitation outcome-research patients are viewed as consumers of care. From a rehabilitative point of view patients are also active partners, who contribute significantly to the outcomes of their rehabilitation processes. In research literature this viewpoint is not yet commonly expressed.

keywords empowerment, longterm care, outcome-research, recovery, rehabilitation