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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 8, 579 - 583

Short report

Intensive psychiatric familytherapy

G.H.F van der Most, A.H. Roosma

The implementation of a care-program for families is described, based on a multisystemtherapy framework. The care-program is meant for families with children who are facing admittance to a psychiatric hospital or a children's home as a result of a psychiatric disorder of one of the family members. In multisystemtherapy, strengthening of protective factors and reduction of risk factors are just as important as interventions based on specific diagnoses. Using a case-study, a description is given of the indications, the case management, treatment design and the environmental factors necessary for an effective intervention. The first evaluation results of the care-program are described.

keywords multisystemtherapy, multi-problem families