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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 6, 375 - 384

New research

Acquisition of skills for medication management

P. Boersma, J.J.M. Dekker, M. van der Gaag, B.G.M. Puite, H. Blankman

background Patients with schizophrenia and associated psychoses know little about medication and have difficulty in distinguishing between effects and side-effects. In addition they are often unaware of having a problem. For all these reasons therapeutic compliance is low in these patients in terms of taking medication.
aims This study was set up in order to determine whether the training module 'Medication Management Module' contributes to the level of understanding and skills of patients in terms of coping with anti-psychotic medication.
methods Thirty-one patients completed questionnaires relating to understanding of antipsychotic medication and medication compliance. In addition, therapists assessed medication compliance and trainers judged the understanding and skills of these patients.
results Understanding about anti-psychotic medication has increased significantly. Patients have started to manage their medication independently more often. Medication compliance was already virtually full when training started and could not increase. There was a significant increase in medication compliance which could be expected in the future.
conclusion In a number of respects the training results in improvement in the use of medication. The implementation of the training proved to be a very difficult process in many institutions.

keywords anti-psychotic medication, implementation, Liberman-module, medication compliance, rehabilitation