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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 5, 321 - 331

Review article

Binge eating disorder

A.E. Dingemans, M.J. Bruna, E.F. van Furth

background Binge eating disorder is a 'new' disorder of which the research criteria were added to the dsm-iv in 1994.
aims This paper aims to improve the knowledge of this new eating disorder. An overview of its characteristics, diagnostic criteria, course and treatment is given.
method A literature search in Medline, PsycLit, sci-expanded and ssci was performed. References belonging to the found literature were included.
results The binge-eating disorder has a level of psychopathology that falls between bulimia nervosa and obesity. At present cognitive behavioural treatment is the treatment of choice, but interpersonal psychotherapy, self-help and ssri's seem to be effective.
conclusions Binge eating disorder seems to be a distinct disorder, but more research is needed .

keywords review, treatment