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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 19 (1977) 5

Short report

H.M. van Praag, H.J.A. de Cuiper, L.C.W. Dols, K. Bakker, W.R.E.H. Mulder

Experience with lithium in an out-patient setting, 303 - 318

Short report

C.J. Koene

The meaning of labour and of work in sheltered eployment, 319 - 328

Short report

J.B. Bakker

Impediments in the discussion about the training of psychiatrists in the Netherlands, 329 - 338

Short report

J. Lansen

Development between the Dutch therapeutic communities 1966-1976, 339 - 349

Short report

J. Lansen, J.B. Bakker, C.J. Koene, H.J.A. de Cuiper, H.M. van Praag, K. Bakker, L.C.W. Dols, W.R.E.H. Mulder

Summaries, 348 - 349