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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 50 (2008) 4


G. Dom

Sobering but hopeful!, 195 - 196

New research

A. Huisman, A.J.F.M. Kerkhof

Prevention of post-discharge suicide: an inventory , 197 - 203

New research

W.W. van den Broek, T.H.N. Groenland, P.G.H. Mulder, A. Kusuma, T.K. Birkenhäger, E.M. Pluijms, J.A. Bruijn

Beta-blockers and electroconvulsive therapy: a review , 205 - 215

Review article

M.A. Selis, F.P.M.L. Peeters

Augmentation with atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of patients with a therapyresistant depression: a review , 213 - 222

Short report

Y. Paalvast, W.A. Nolen

Should the treatment of depression in the Netherlands be changed after the star*d study? , 223 - 228

Case report

C.L. Mulder, J. Tielens

Differing opinions about severe social breakdown and self-neglect determine compulsory admission, 229 - 233

Case report

E.G. Birkenhäger-Gillesse, M.F.P. van der Poel

Carbon monoxide poisoning; psychotic depression brought on by a new kitchen , 235 - 239


A. Vermassen, G. Pieters

Negatieve impact van biologische causale verklaring van paniekstoornis, 241 - 242


R. van Roy, J. Van Hecke

Gegeneraliseerde angststoornis en depressie; een latrelatie, 242 - 242

Letter to the editor

W.W. van den Broek, T.K. Birkenhäger, E.M. Pluijms

Reaction on 'Is it advisable to combine electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) with psychotropics?', 243 - 244