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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 50 (2008) 3, 179 - 183


Pipamperone and the treatment of impulsive aggressive behaviour

A.A.G. Klaassen

background Pipamperone is prescribed to prevent impulsive aggressive behaviour in patients with intermittent explosive disorder, personality disorders or mental retardation.
aim To investigate the scientific basis of this treatment.
method Various databases were searched using the terms 'pipamperon', 'pipamperone' and 'Dipiperon'. Located articles were reviewed in order to discover whether they dealt with the relationship between the drug and impulsiveness and aggression.
results Six publications were found, all dating from before 1979.
conclusion In view of the limited amount of research on the subject and the adverse sideeffects it is concluded that pipamperone is not the drug of first choice considering the treatment of impulsive aggressive behaviour.

keywords pipamperone, aggressiveness, treatment