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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 50 (2008) 2


B.C.M. Raes

Antiquarian bookshops and internet, 75 - 76

New research

T.W. Broersma, S. Sytema

Implementation of the HoNOS65+, 77 - 82

New research

D. De Wachter, A. Neven, S. Vandewalle, J. Vanderlinden, A. Lange

Dissociative phenomena: relationship to present and past stress , 83 - 88

Review article

F. van den Eynde, H. Debruyne, M. Portzky, S. de Saedeleer, K. Audenaert

The syndrome of Cotard: an overview, 89 - 98


K.H. Kho

Is it advisable to combine electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) with psychotropics? , 99 - 104


P. Sienaert

Does it make sense to combine ECT and psychopharmacologic agents?, 105 - 106

Case report

M.R. Koerhuis, A. Wunderink, W.A. Nolen

The treatment of psychotic depression in patients insufficiently responsive to conventional medication and electroconvulsive therapy; what are the options?, 107 - 112

Case report

J. Jairam, H.J.C. van Marle

The treatment of hypersexuality in a male with obsessive compulsive disorder as psychiatric co-morbidity , 113 - 117

Case report

J.M.P. Kleinen, F. Bouckaert, J. Peuskens

Clozapine-induced agranulocytosis and Sweet's syndrome in a 74-year-old female patient. A case study , 119 - 123


A. Groenendijk, J. Hulselmans

Niet alleen cannabis-, maar ook harddruggebruik blijkt sterk verhoogd bij patiënten die een eerste psychotische episode doormaken, 125 - 125

Letter to the editor

J.A.G. van Opstal, S. Lammers

Reaction on 'Comments on a new treatment law for psychiatric compulsive treatment', 127 - 130