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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 49 (2007) 1, 49 - 53

Case report

Cotard's syndrome. Different treatment strategies according to subclassification. A case study

Y. Madani, B.G.C. Sabbe

summary After performing an exploratory factor analysis, Berrios & Luque (1995) identified three subcategories in the Cotard's syndrome: Cotard type I, Cotard type II and Cotard type psychotic depression. The article, which is based on two case studies and an examination of the relevant literature since 1995, explores whether there are different treatment strategies for Cotard type I and the Cotard type psychotic depression. For the Cotard type psychotic depression, electroconvulsive therapy proves to be an effective method of treatment. For Cotard type I, antipsychotic therapy seems to be sufficient.

keywords Cotard's syndrome, electroconvulsive therapy, nihilistic delusion