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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 44 (2002) 11


Paul Hodiamont, B. Sabbe

Even small grasses are smiling slightly (Chinees opschrift op grasperk)


R.J. van den Bosch

Sadder and wiser, 715 - 717

Review article

B.A. Ellenbroek, A.R. Cools

Animal models for the cognitive disturbances in schizophrenia, 721 - 725

Short report

N.F. Ramsey

The contribution of functional magnetic resonance imaging to insights into schizophrenia, 727 - 732

Short report

J. Peuskens, M. De Hert, F. Janssen, J. Hulselmans, M. D'Haenens, B. Sabbe

Memory disorders in schizophrenia, 733 - 738

Short report

W. Hulstijn, B.J.M. Jogems-Kosterman, J.J.M. van Hoof, B. Sabbe

Planning disorders in schizophrenia, 739 - 745

Review article

J.J. de Jong, B. de Gelder, Paul Hodiamont

Recognition of emotions and cross-modality in schizophrenia, 747 - 752

Review article

A. Aleman

Hallucinations: a cognitive neuropsychiatric approach, 753 - 758

Short report

L. de Haan

Cognition, subjective experience, dopamine and antipsychotic medication, 759 - 766

Short report

C.M.J. van Straten

The screening list of Subjective Experiences of Cognitive Changes (sec), 767 - 771

New research

M. van der Gaag, J. van Os

The influence of cognitive deficits on the social outcome of schizophrenia, 773 - 782

Letter to the editor

J.A.M. de Kroon

Reactie op 'Biologische psychiatrie', 783 - 784