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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 48 (2006) 11, 835 - 842


The psychopathology of Karl Jaspers: then and now

M.W. Hengeveld

The book entitled 'Allgemeine Psychopathologie' by the German psychiatrist-philosopher Karl Jaspers, first published in 1913, has had a lasting influence on the way in which psychiatry defines subjective psychiatric symptoms - phenomena. His psychopathology of meaningful connections, however, which purports to provide an empathic 'understanding' of the causes of mental disorders, is more controversial, particularly now that neurobiology claims it can explain all material causes. This article presents an enthusiastic summary of Jaspers' original work and culminates with a plea for a re-appraisal and revaluation of Jaspers phenomenology and methodological dualism. Jaspers' view on this subject is particularly important in our days of dsm-criteria, neuro-imaging and molecular biology.


keywords Jaspers, methodological dualism, psychological phenomena and processes, psychopathology, subjectivity