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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 48 (2006) 7, 515 - 524


On psychiatry and literature

H.J.T.M. Corthals

Among the books published in 2003 by the publishing house Van Oorschot in Amsterdam were 'Twee Ambachten', a collection of essays by Rutger Kopland and 'Strikt', a novel by Minke Douwesz. The authors of both books are psychiatrists. Kopland has already made a name for himself as a writer, but Douwesz is a completely new name in Dutch literature. In this essay, which was inspired by the two books in question, I attempt to explore the relationship between psychiatry and literature. There are interfaces between psychiatry and literature, that because of very different reasons can be worth to be researched.


keywords Douwesz, Kopland, literature, psychiatry