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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 37 (1995) 7

New research

The relationship between excerpts of recorded music and values of depressed patients

H. Smeijsters, G. Wijzenbeek, N. van Nieuwenhuijzen

This article is an account of the results of a research into the relation between excerpts of music and values with depressive patients. At the first stage of the research, a list of values and a questionnaire were drawn up and excerpts of music were selected. Dur- ing the second phase of the research, patients suffering mainly from a major depression or a depressive neurosis, listened twice, with an interval of 1 to 1 month, to 16 excerpts of music and marked those values on the list that they were thinking of while listening. Statistical analyses show that there is a connection between groups of excerpts of music and groups of values. Other variables connected with the values evoked by these excerpts of music are the kind of depression, specific characteristics of depression and the development of the depression.