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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 37 (1995) 6

New research

T. Kuipers

Territorial aspects of paranoid psychosis

New research

C. Verhagen-Redtenbacher, J.H. Jessurum

Diagnosis: Structural defect in casu the Asperger-syndrome

New research

J. Beullens

Light therapy and melatonin for sleep/wake rhythm disorders

New research

M. Merckelbach, H. Nijman, D.P. Ravelli, L. Kenemans

Schizophrenia and Electrodermal activity: A review

New research

J.G.B.M. Rohlof

Psychopharmocological treatment of traumatized refugees

New research

M. De Hert, L. Billiet, E. Thys, V. Vercruyssen, J. Peuskens

Partial hospitalization at night, an alternative in the care for young chronic psychotic patients