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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 45 (2003) 2, 109 - 113

Case report

Mifepristone in the treatment of psychotic depression. A case study

C.F. Aalbersberg

summary  Mifepristone, a glucocorticoid antagonist, is for some years already known in the treatment of (psychotic symptoms accompanying) Cushing's syndrome. Recently, treatments have been described in which mifepristone turned out to be effective in a rather high percentage for the control of psychotic symptoms of psychotic depression. This article describes the treatment of a woman with a psychotic depression; mifepristone proved effective twice in controlling the psychotic symptoms. The need for an adequate antidepressive treatment, along with the mifepristone, is emphasized.

keywords cortisol, mifepristone, psychotic depression, RU 486