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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 38 (1996) 11

New research

J.L. Klompenhouwer

Psychiatric disorders associated with childbirth: an overview

New research

G.M. Lemmens, S. Claes, K. Devriendt

Psychosis as a late symptom in Velo-cardio-facial syndrome

New research

B.R. Slaap, J.A. den Boer, H.G.M. Westenberg

The prediction of nonresponse to pharmacotherapy in panic disorder. A reviewof predictors of long term treatment response

New research

H.J.M. Engels, A. Steen

Disturbed language in psychosis: a case study

New research

P.C.M. Herpers, J.K. Buitelaar

The validity and reliability of the diagnosis ADHD in adults