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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 38 (1996) 10

New research

A. Liégeois

Seclusion not in seclusion. An ethical reflection on the seclusion of psychiatric patients

New research

K. Libbrecht

Lacan on psychosis: a particular clinical perspective

New research

R. Hoekstra, P.K.J. Ronhaar, R.B. Laport

On the boundary between compulsory and voluntary hospitalization

New research

F. de Jonghe, M. Koeter, H.D.B. Vermeulen

Reliability of a semi-structured interview for the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

New research

H. Nijman, W. Allertz, M. v.d. Boogaard, E. Chatrou, M. Dassen, W. Fleuren, T. Goertz, C. de Schinkel

Prevention of aggression, 723 - 734