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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 38 (1996) 3

New research

P.J.M. Broers, M.F.I.A. Depla, M.C.H. Donker

Emergency psychiatric services in the Netherlands: impressions of quality, 197 - 204

New research

P.L.J. Dautzenberg, E.C.J. Delescen, K.T.M. Dermout, S.A. Duursma, C. Hooyer

Resuscitation policy in a psychiatric hospital, 205 - 215

New research

F. Verheij

Possibilities and impossibilities of child and adolescent semiresidential and residential treatment; the vision of a caregiver, 216 - 227

New research

J.F.G. Hell, J.A. Kool, A.E.S. Sijben

The local process of psychiatric rehabilitation, 228 - 239

New research

F.P.M.L. Peeters, R.H.W.M. Ponds, M.T.G. Vermeeren

Affectivity and self-report of depression and anxiety, 240 - 250

New research

J. Legemaate

Standards and limits in psychiatric treatment: the impact of legal interventions , 251 - 262