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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 38 (1996) 2

New research

E.R.S. Nijenhuis, J. van der Linden

Animal defensive reactions as a model for dissociative reactions to trauma

New research

P. Spinhoven

Four controversies about dissociative identity disorder

New research

W. van der Eycken

Reflections on dissociation

New research

F.H. Olthuis

Inpatient treatment of multiple personality disorder: Possibilities and problems

New research

S. Vuchelen, J. van der Linden, W. van der Eycken, G. Pieters

Trauma and dissociation in borderline personality disorder

New research

D.A.J. de Wachter, A. Lange

Dissociative disorders and family therapy

New research

M. van Gerven

Inpatient treatment of patients with multiple personality disorder

New research

S. Boon, O. van der Hart

Stabilization and symptom reduction in the treatment of dissociative identity disorder

New research

N. Draijer, S. Boon

Problems in the differential diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder