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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 44 (2002) 4, 281 - 285

Case report

A patient who developed a manic syndrome after using a diet product

P. Naarding, R.J. Verkes

summary A 37-year old woman presented with a manic syndrome, after a period in which she deliberately had lost considerable weight. Because she had a history of depressive disorder and was currently treated with amitriptyline, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder was initially made. She was treated on a psychiatric ward with lithiumcarbonate. After a good length of time after discharge we were incidentally informed on her daily use in the weeks before admission of a ephedrine-containing herbal supplement for weight loss. There is some literature reporting cases of ephedrine-induced mania, but no earlier reports were found on the interaction of ephedrine and amitriptyline.

keywords bipolar disorder, ephedrine, mania, self-medication