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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 36 (1994) 5

New research

T. van der Ham, D.C. van Strien, H. van Engeland

The predictive value of psychological variables for the course of eating disorders of adolescents

New research

M.C. de Boer, W. op den Velde, P.R.J. Falger, J.E. Hovens, J.H.M. de Groen, H. van Duijn

Fluvoxamine Treatment for Chronic PTSD

New research

J.P.C. Jaspers

Diagnosis and psychopharmacological treatment of trichotillomania: a review

New research

C.P.F. Lemke

Praecox-feeling and psychosis-indirection

New research

A.H. Veefkind, C.A. Moggré

Polymerase chain reaction and psychiatry