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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 36 (1994) 3

New research

Reading disability and behavioural problems of children in a child psychiatric clinic

A.M.A. Walraven, P. Reitsma, E.J. Kappers

In child psychiatry cognitive disorders play an important role. In the present study the reading competence of children in a psychiatric clinic is examined. It is shown that with respect to normal development the reading level of this group of children is relatively retarded, especially for the older children. Furthermore, in this study the relationship between reading problems and behavioural problems (CBCL) is investigated. The findings indicate that children with severe reading problems tend to have more externalising than internalising behavioural problems, compared with children with slight reading problems. In the discussion of the results it is suggested that multimodality treatment programs are needed for children with comorbidity of reading problems and behavioural disorders. An integration of treatment of both behavioural and cognitive problems is recommended.