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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 36 (1994) 3

New research

A.M.A. Walraven, P. Reitsma, E.J. Kappers

Reading disability and behavioural problems of children in a child psychiatric clinic

New research

D. Moons

Münchausen syndrome, factitious disorder and their correlation with personality disorders

New research

I.M. Brugman, E.C.A. Collumbien

Autocastration and gender-identity

New research

G.J.M. Hutschemaekers

Prognoses on psychiatrists

New research

T.K. Birkenhäger, M. Vegt

Phenelzine: a forgotten MAO-inhibitor with specific indication(s)

New research

J.M.J. Smorenburg, R.C. van der Mast, F. de Jonghe

Psychodynamische persoonlijkheidsdiagnostiek