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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 36 (1994) 2

New research

I.V.E. Carlier, R.D. Lamberts, B.P.R. Gersons

Early psychological consequences of traumatic police-experiences: some preliminary findings, 81 - 93

New research

T. van Gent, E.M. Wekking, H.A.P.C. Oomen, J.A.M. Callewaert

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and psychiatric disorders, 94 - 105

New research

R. Mentjox, C.A.G. van Houten, C.G. Kooiman

Induced psychotic disorder: clinical aspects, theoretical considerations and some guidelines for treatment , 106 - 117

New research

W. Dekker, J. Dekker, F. de Jonghe

Personality and depression, 118 - 129

New research

H.L.I. Nijman, C. Duangto, D.P. Ravelli, H.L.G.J. Merckelbach, S.K. Vorel

Staff characteristics and the use of seclusion , 130 - 144

New research

G.A.M. Golüke-Willemse, A.M.S. Thomaes

AIDS dementia complex as a surprising diagnosis in the elderly , 139 - 144